Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing Curriculum developed by Boys and Girls Clubs NI

The Youth Service Regional Assessment of Need (2020-2023) has identified Health & Wellbeing (H&WB) as a priority for the youth sector. This document references the World Health Organisation who state that improving health is integral for human happiness and wellbeing.  Health & Wellbeing has evolved from a singular concept to a more multi-facet and broad approach, including elements such as social and emotional wellbeing.  Survey findings uncovered that 45% of young people believe that the youth service has a responsibility to promote Health & Wellbeing and support young people.  

However, 100% of full-time youth workers stated that they believe that promoting positive H&WB is something that youth services should offer as support for young people. 

The assessment plan provides an overview of essential learning outcomes over ten 2-3-hour sessions.  The assessment plan details minimum requirements to ensure participants have met the learning outcomes. 

Alongside the session plans, tutors are encouraged to avail of the PowerPoint slides for each session which include useful information, pictures, activity prompts and videos.  Session plans reference all appendices required for activities/ games.