Full Cost Recovery

Full Cost Recovery

Within the EA Funding Scheme for Regional and Local Voluntary Organisations you can apply for indirect or shared costs as well as direct costs to meet the full delivery costs as outlined in the delivery requirements of a funding award in order to receive full cost recovery.

What is Full Cost Recovery?

Full cost recovery means that you can secure funding for all the costs involved in the delivery of a funding award.  This includes direct costs and a proportionate share of indirect or shared costs.

What are Direct Costs?

Direct project costs are the costs that relate directly to the delivery of the funding award. These can include salaries for workers and eligible programme costs.

What are Indirect or Shared Costs?

Indirect or Shared Costs are your running costs. Costs could for example include a proportion of your rent, heating, administration and management.

If your organisation delivers a number of projects funded from a number of sources, then you need to work out how to apportion running costs to each fund appropriately.