Full Cost Recovery

Full Cost Recovery

Within the EA Funding Scheme for Regional and Local Voluntary Organisations you can apply for some of your overheads as well as the direct costs of your youth work/project and receive full cost recovery.

What is Full Cost Recovery?

Full cost recovery means that you can secure funding for all the costs involved in the  running of your youth work/ project which includes direct costs and a proportionate share of overhead costs.

What are Direct Costs?

Direct project costs are the costs that relate directly to your youth work/ project. These can include salaries for workers and volunteer expenses required to carry out the work.

What are Overhead Costs?

Overheads are your running costs. Funding can support your youth work/project or a number of projects or activities that you deliver. Costs could include a proportion of your rent or heat and light, staffing or administration costs.

How do I apply for Full Cost Recovery?

If the application you are making is for your core work and the only youth work/project you run, then you do not need to calculate your overheads separately – just request all your costs as direct project costs.

If you are delivering a number of projects or activities at the same time and making separate applications then you need to work out how to share out the overheads to each project.