Participation Curriculum developed by Boys & Girls Clubs NI

The Youth Service Regional Assessment of Need (2020-23) identified Participation as one of the key themes for the Youth sector. Children and young people’s participation in decision making, on issues that affect them, has increasingly been recognised and valued as a right. 

Participation enhances children and young people’s personal, social and political development, provides practical experiences and teaches them how to behave responsibly. It can stimulate an awareness of wider societal issues and ensures that young people are valued within their own communities and are part of the decision-making process that can bring about solutions to the challenges they face. 

The assessment plan provides an overview of learning outcomes, assessment criteria and suggested activities over ten 2-3-hour sessions. 

Alongside the session plans, tutors are encouraged to avail of the PowerPoint slides for each session which include useful information, pictures, activity prompts and videos. Session plans reference all additional worksheets/ materials required for workshop activities.