Regional Project Funding

Provision of support services to youth organisations on key themes identified as needed for children and young people to include; ensuring the educational attainment of children and young people, support for Section 75 groups and young people who live in rural areas.

Available Ongoing

Funding size Up to £50,000 per project

Current Funding Submission Information

Application Closing Date:
22nd January 2021 @ 4pm

Regional Project Funding Guidance & Information

Organisations who provide quality support services to youth organisations on key themes identified within the;

      • EA Regional Assessment of Need and
      • The Regional Youth Development Plan

Eligibility Includes;

      • A constitution or governing document
      • A Management Committee/Board of Directors or Governing Group/Body
      • Insurance; Public and Employers Liability, Building and Equipment
      • Comply with DE Circular ” Disclosure and Barring Arrangements: vetting requirements for those working or providing a service in youth organisations” (DE 2014)
      • A bank account and appropriate accounting procedures

What Can Be Funded?

This will be detailed in each specification and could include;

        • Research development
        • Curriculum Development
        • Evaluation and Quality Assurance
        • Measurement of Impact
        • Workforce Development

Key themes will be identified such as;

        • supporting youth services that will ensure the educational attainment of children and young people
        • supporting youth organisations who work with children and young people from Section 75 groups
        • supporting youth organisations who work with young people who live in rural isolation
        • supporting the development of CRED and Shared Education

When Will This Funding Be Available?

Specifications will be publicly advertised on the EA website. There will be availability of up to 3 years funding and an annual maximum of up to £50,000. This is subject to ongoing review in collaboration with the Department of Education.

What Can You Use This Funding For?

You can use this funding for core costs associated with the following;

        • Staffing Salaries
        • Programme Development
        • Overheads

How Do I Apply For This Funding?

You can apply for Regional Project funding here.

How Will I Account For The Funding?

You will be required to complete:

  • An Income and Expenditure form by 30th April 2021
  • EA Financial Verification
  • EA Target Monitor on agreed outcomes
  • EA Moderation

Further information is available on the EA website

Application Form Questions

Please Click Here to download the Assessment Criteria for responses for application form questions

Specification Assessment

Please see specification document. Contained within each section of the specification is an assessment criteria.

Please Click here to download a copy of the Guidance notes for Regional Strategic Funding Specification submissions.

Applicants will be required to provide a Delivery Plan outlining how they will deliver the specification outputs. Below we have provided a copy of this template. 

Delivery Plan Template for Specification Submission

Funding Scheme Budget Submission Form