SPARK Funding

SPARK Funding 2022-23

Applications are now open for groups who wish to deliver a programme under SPARK funding 2022 in the targeted areas identified below

Applications will open at 4pm on 11th March 2022, completed applications must be submitted to the Education Authority no later than 12pm on Friday 25th March 2022.

About SPARK Funding

SPARK is a youth work intervention and public health approach to safety and stability, and participation, that targets young people gathering in areas of heightened tension and contentious spaces such as bonfire sites and who are involved in behaviours that place them at risk. A number of factors should be reviewed to ascertain if a site is contentious including:

  • Intra Community tension
  • Anti-community behaviours
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Political influence
  • Paramilitary influence
  • Bonfire locations (interface areas, unsafe sites)

SPARK Funding Guidance and Information

Targeted Delivery Locations

There are a number of sites throughout Northern Ireland that have been identified as contentious by local stakeholders, statutory services, voluntary sector and PSNI. This intervention will focus on the following sites based local consultation and previous experience. The Education Authority invites applications to delivery a SPARK programme per site list below (i.e. only one programme is available per site)

Targeted Delivery Locations and Sites Identified Summer 2022

Council Area Site
Distillery Street
New Lodge
Derry & Strabane
Top of the Hill
Armagh Banbridge Craigavon
Mid & East Antrim
Ards North Down
Kilcooley, Bangor

Programme Targets & Available Funding

Reporting on Outcomes

At the end of the project each successful organisation will be required to complete an end of project report providing the evidence outlined in this section

Reporting Deadline

A link to complete the report online will be forwarded to all successful applicants with the report due by the 31st October 4pm.