Planned Intervention Funding

Planned Intervention Programme 2021-22

Applications are now open for groups who wish to deliver a programme under Planned Intervention Programme 2021/22.

Completed applications must be submitted to the Education Authority no later than 4pm on Friday 30th April 2021.

*Successful applications are subject to funding being made available

About T:BUC Camps

Funding is made available for the delivery of the Planned Intervention programme by The Executive Office (TEO).

The fund is designed specifically to enable organisations to work with young people living in interface areas or locations where there is the potential of heightened social unrest during the summer period and at key times such as evenings and weekends.

Subsequently, Planned Intervention has three outcomes that must be met by an application and these can be viewed in the ‘All Programmes Must’ tab below.

Planned Intervention Funding Guidance and Information