Regional Assessment of Need

Regional Assessment of Need 2020-2023

Publish Date: 1st March 2020


The Education Authority Youth Service is pleased to introduce our Regional Assessment of Need for 2020-2023. Since April 2019 the Youth Service has engaged in 12 stakeholder events on a range of six themes relevant to the needs of children and young people, carried out in-depth desktop research and completed our largest online consultation with children and young people.

An Assessment of Need is a crucial element of the planning process for Youth Services. Information gathered from an effective Assessment of Need ensures that appropriate service priorities are established and that support is targeted at those most in need by delivering essential programmes and activities to meet service objectives.

Strategic planning of Youth Services should reflect wider Department of Education (DE) policy and should be in response to the assessed need for Youth Work interventions. DE’s policy document, Priorities for Youth noted that:

  • There should be stronger strategic planning, supported by a composite Assessment of Need at local, sub-regional and regional level.

Youth Work, therefore, must be set within the context of Priorities for Youth in response to the assessed need, prioritised age ranges and other identified vulnerable groups. This Assessment of Need has been based on an objective exploration of publicly available government sourced administrative datasets with a view to extract and summarise information that relates to children and young people who face barriers to learning and educational underachievement. The datasets that have been reviewed are those that have relevance to these issues and also those that have been identified as priority groups in Priorities for Youth.

Download Regional Assessment of Need 2017-2020