Organisational Support to Voluntary Youth Organisations


This page outlines the support available for local organisations not supported by a Regional Strategic Funded Voluntary Youth Organisation. The scope of this support is limited to the development of local voluntary organisations and their staff teams, in line with their awarded funding opportunity, to address identified need in relation to:

  • Governance

  • Curriculum

  • Training & Staff development

Youth Work Curriculum Development & Support


Bytes use a range of process which related to our digital platform  There are three phases:

  • Relationship Building (3-4 weeks): Which covers Workforce Development and Peer Research Skills.
  • Co-Design (up to 10 weeks): Listening, Co-Designing Solutions and Advocating for change.
  • Linking: An option to extend by engaging other local voluntary youth organisations within a reasonable radius.

This programme will relate to various theme on the EA Target Monitor. A full programme outline is available from Bytes. 

Good Relations

The primary aim of this intervention will be to break down the negative myths and stereotypes regarding religions, increase awareness around each other’s identity and reduce prejudice based around the political/religious divide within Northern Ireland. 

This programme will relate to various theme on the EA Target Monitor. A full programme outline is available from Bytes. 

Digital Literacy

Bytes were supporting young people with their digital skills back in the 1990’s when computers were the size of a small shed.  Our programmes include understanding online safety, handling information, and we have a wide range of creative media programmes. Our main goal is to provide an improved level of skill and confidence when using digital platforms and tools.

This programme will relate to various theme on the EA Target Monitor. A full programme outline is available from Bytes. 

Good Relations

Have you an aspiration to build good relations through your youth work? YouthAction’s suite of resources and training for youth workers and young people includes ‘Agenda for Peace’ toolkit, ‘Hunger for Peace’ resource and board game and Model for Peace resource to assist you.

Inclusion and diversity

Are you striving to reach and include diverse young people in your youth group? YouthAction’s experienced staff, training and useful resources can help you. ‘Bullseye’ resource to inspire young women, ‘Turn on the Light’ sexual health resource, ‘PALS’ resource to build buddy skills between young people

Health and well-being

Are you interested in a fun and interactive mental health and well-being model that can be blended into your everyday youth work? YouthAction’s suite of LIFEMAPS materials and training for youth leaders uses an evidence informed framework, to build the positive mental health of young people

Youth Achievement Awards

Recognises and accredits by ASDAN, young people’s activities in your youth setting. Training and workbooks for youth leaders, helps you to implement this simple scheme. Young people will be able to express their learning from youth work activities and be recognised. A great way to showcase their work.

Skills for life, learning and work

Do you need help to build young people’s skills for life, learning and work? YouthAction’s GET SET programme can assist you. It is tailored to suit the needs of your young people and can assist them to gain the skills, qualifications and aptitudes they require to progress in life

Youth Arts

Creative workshops, bringing live theatre, dance and music to your youth group can enhance your programme and suit young people of all abilities. YouthAction’s youth arts outreach opportunities will bring the sparkle of the Rainbow Factory to your doorstep

Volunteering and Employability

This course equips young people with the knowledge to translate volunteering skills into employability skills.  It looks at what skills are gained; competency based interviews; how to communicate them at interview; interview practice and evaluation. Delivered over 2 sessions.

Social Action Toolkit

This training provides youth workers with an additional resource on how to support youth led social action.  The model provides a framework to ensure meaningful outcomes for the young people and instil the value of volunteering and the ability to make a difference to those they support and themselves.

Accredited Youth Work Programmes: (AYWP)

Design, development and delivery of accredited youth work programmes in the following six key areas: 
1) Health and Wellbeing
2) Participation
3) Good Relations
4) Inclusion, Diversity & Equality of Opportunity
6) Living in Safety and Stability
6 Drugs and Alcohol

Diversity And Inclusion

Capacity building  programme with the Worker-in-Charge & management team:  

A bespoke equality development programme. Sourced and shared fresh content/materials for programmes. Field-tested new approaches; Assessment methodologies assessed with club leaders; Delivered & evaluated training sessions to youth work personnel & leadership team.

Do Something Healthy

Award winning regional programme that includes creating a support network for your club through access to industry leaders, young people/volunteers gaining accreditations and the establishment of peer managed health hubs. Delivered over a 10-week duration.

Do Something Active:

All-female empowerment programme that identifies a core-team of female health champions to help co-design a curriculum for their club & community; gaining accreditations through voluntary work in conjunction with & supported by qualified specialist health & well-being tutors to achieve results.

Workforce Development Support

OCN Youth Work

Bytes is committed to investing in and developing future youth work professionals from all walks of life. We offer the OCN Level 2 Youth Work qualification for those young people (aged 18+) wanting to pursue career in this field, providing the necessary training, knowledge, and practical skills to deliver quality youth work.
This programme is aimed at supporting local voluntary youth organisations, funded by the EA to deliver youth work, to improve their workforce development in two areas:

  • Youth Work – OCN level 2 and 3
  • Outreach and Detached Work

Equipping voluntary youth organisations in building youth community hubs

YI to provide training, coaching and advice to help organisations build youth community hubs – family-like youth environments that cross projects and age groups and promote a culture of encouragement, contribution and growth.

Equipping faith-based organisations to access government and trust funding to deliver social outcomes.

YI to provide training, coaching and advice for faith-based organisations seeking to make a social impact in their communities. How to deliver funders’ outcomes within the context of organisation ethos and goals. Resource: YI’s 4 Models of youth work.

Good Relations Training

YI to provide training and enable staff to deliver good relations programs in schools, youth organisations and in the community. Good relations audits and strategy building sessions available. Bespoke good relations coaching and mentoring available.

Street and detached youth work approaches and policies

YI to provide training and coaching in models of detached, street work and schools-based outreach programs. Particular focus in reaching young people outside of current youth provision and in areas of need. Assistance in Implementing outreach and detached engagement models.

Understanding and implementing YI’s 0-6 Distanced Travelled outreach youth work methodology- particularly in areas of high social need.

YI to provide training and coaching in the 0-6 distance-travelled outreach youth work methodology – helping organisations that want to reach those outside of current youth provision and journey with them to become contributors to their communities. Special focus on working in areas of high social need and tackling long-term systemic poverty issues.

Developing a Youth Volunteers and Internship Programme

YI to provide training, coaching and advice for implementing youth Project Leadership teams and raising up volunteers within programs to learn leadership skills and give back to their communities

Embedding Reflective Practice

YI to equip voluntary youth organisations and youth workers to improve understanding and application of reflective practice in a way that nurtures reflection through shared learning.


YouthAction Northern Ireland provides high quality, recognised Keeping Safe, integrated safeguarding training for Keeping Children and Adults Safe. Delivered by qualified youth workers, modules are for staff, volunteers and Management Committees. Scenarios relevant to your setting, with group discussions and policy advice.

Growing the workforce

YouthAction Northern Ireland provides high quality, youth work qualifications at OCNNI level 1 – 3 for volunteers, young leaders and staff, delivered by qualified, experienced youth workers.

Bespoke, one-off training is also available in useful themes: productivity, leadership growth, asset-based approaches, working in teams. Full list available to inspire your team. (50)

#YouthEmpowered hub

Do you need new ideas to build young people’s skills for life, learning and work? YouthAction’s #YouthEmpowered digital hub may be the resource for you.

An interactive workshop is available to test interactive materials, learn to use the hub effectively with young people and access new resources and live events

Volunteer Management Training

If you have any needs in relation to volunteer management then we have a course to suit you (and if not we can tailor one!) e.g. recruitment, retention and reward; leadership skills; dealing with conflict; risk assessment; volunteering and the law; inclusion and diversity and lots more.

Safeguarding Training

We provide information and training on all areas of safeguarding e.g. Keeping Children and/or Adults Safe (intro for those with limited contact); training for staff and volunteers who have regular and/or direct contact, Keeping Safe -Recruitment, Selection and Management, Safeguarding Policy Development, Designated Officer, Adults Safeguarding Champion Training etc.

Performance Management, Supervision & Appraisal

Established performance management system at 3 levels -individual, team and organisational. Established systems for monitoring review and evaluation. Facilitated leaders’ development of effective feedback skills. Established 2-way appraisal process.

CMI Leadership & Management (Levels 3 – 5)

Conducted initial assessment of competence Designed interactive and practical programme incorporating modules on managing change, managing quality and managing diversity and inclusion. Facilitated on line sessions for each module
Delivered 1-1 coaching as required. Conducted assessments of learner assignments
Provided constructive feedback to learners

Child Exploitation On-Line Protection (CEOP – Online Safety From Cyber-Bullying)

Training sessions to equip young people and those who support them with requisite IT skills and knowledge to stay safe online.

Good Food Toolkit

Training: for equipping youth work practitioners with fundamental knowledge of healthy eating.
This programme uses a ‘hands-on’ & practical application approach. Validated by Belfast Health & Social Care Trust (BHSCT).

Food Values:

Accredited by the BHSCT and includes x6 sessions that focus on practical cooking on a low-cost budget. This is aimed at both young volunteers and youth practitioners

Community Cook -It:

Delivered by our trained tutors to include x4 weeks of practical low-cost healthy eating workshops that will install good habits for young people moving forward.

(OCN Level 2) Youth Leadership

Training for aspiring young leaders which encourages them to take responsibility & ownership of their club and community. Unsurprisingly, this is one of our most popular accreditations due to the social action element and the practical learning involved.

(OCN Level 1) Youth Work:

Practical based accreditation that takes a co-delivery approach with youth club representatives. Last year we had almost 36 graduates from 3 clubs across Northern Ireland. Duration of delivery is dependent on group ability.

First Aid – Accredited Workplace Training:

Accredited training for youth leaders.

Mental Health Awareness: (OCN Level 2)

Equipping volunteers and youth work practitioners with the understanding and awareness tools to support good mental health in others. This award involves motivational speakers and is task orientated.

Mental Health First Aid:

This accredited award is delivered in a collaborative approach with external tutors to upskill youth work personnel and community representatives.

Governance Support

Policy and Procedures, Guidance and Advice

YI to provide templates, guidance and advice on policies and procedures required for organisations in receipt of public funding. Particular attention will be given for creating effective and proportionate policies and procedures that fit the organisation and encourage rather than impede best practice.

Financial guidance and support

YI to provide examples, training and advice on robust financial systems that enable voluntary organisations to fulfil charity audit and financial monitoring requirements and promote high ethical standards while keeping financial administration time and costs to a minimum.

Management Coaching and Leadership Development

YI senior managers working with voluntary youth organisation chief officers and managers to equip them to lead their organisations in change and effectiveness. Monthly coaching sessions available. Resource: CO3 Guide to Being a Third Sector Chief Officer.

Supervision systems and training

YI to provide training and coaching of managers in using effective approaches of staff supervision, annual reviews, key performance indicators and monitoring youth work outcomes. Assistance in implementing supervision systems available.

Access NI

 YouthAction Northern Ireland can provide prompt and confidential Access NI vetting for any EA registered Local Voluntary Youth Organisation.
Join YouthAction NI and this service is free for each volunteer and £30 for paid staff vetted (Access NI fee). Contact if you want to explore our other membership services.

Governance training: management committees

As a member of the Developing Governance Group we can: carry out a Health Check that benchmarks your organisation against the ‘Code of Good Governance’ ; provide tailored training to meet needs; support you with the development of policies and procedures (including safeguarding); provide support for Charity Commission registration and reporting.

Youth governance: Jump on Board and Jump On Board Jnr

Jump On Board takes young people interested in becoming a trustee through the roles, responsibilities and challenges of developing and managing a committee.
Jump on Board Jnr is designed for young people who wish to become a youth forum member and supports them to embrace decision making and governance.

Strategic & Operational Planning

Facilitated discussion with Board and staff leadership
Supported production of a 3 Year Strategic Plan – based on researched EA/ DE Youth Work priorities, needs & interests of key stakeholders Delivering 4 sessions with Board members on areas of work including: Staffing; quality assurance; finance; marketing Coached Worker-in-charge Provided advice/guidance

Governing Document Review & Support

Conducted initial audit of all key governance related policies and procedures in line with EA and legal requirements
Provided report on any gaps and made recommendations for improvement
Established a schedule of key policies reviews and updating
Signposted to additional sources of support

Youth Information and Communications

Support for clubs to develop a communications strategy incorporating use of multimedia
Surveyed service user needs and wants
Reviewed the use of social media as part of marketing/PR strategy
Established qualitative and quantitative measures of successes

Young Trustees Training

Young trustees (Management Committee & Senior Members Committee) & Club Representatives. A bespoke empowerment education & participation programme – upskilling and awareness raising through training & participation.