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Background to the Project

The Tackling Paramilitarism, Criminality and Organised Crime Programme is an ambitious, multi-disciplinary and transformational change programme working to deliver the NI Executive’s priority of addressing the challenging issues associated with paramilitarism in Northern Ireland. The programme is currently in its second phase (2021-2025). The overall aim of the programme is to achieve safer communities, resilient to paramilitarism, criminality and coercive control. More information about the background to the programme and phase 1 can be found here. This page provides information regarding applying for the final year of the phase 2 programme which ends in March 2025 for additionally identified areas.

The youth work Engage funding supports youth work organisations to engage directly with young people within communities who have been harmed by paramilitary groups and/or those who are most at risk of becoming involved in criminal gangs or risk-taking behaviour. Individual assessments of young people’s needs, identifies skill-based interventions delivered using trauma informed practices to develop programmes to increase the young people’s resilience and awareness of risk factors. In line with the public health model these are considered secondary and tertiary interventions.

Application Funding Submission Information

Application Closing Date:
29th May 2024 by 4pm

Return of Application:
Applications are made through a paper based application form available at the bottom section of this page.

Completed application should be return to:


Programme Values

As part of the wider Executive Programme on Paramilitarism and Organised Crime, it embeds and Executive-wide approach with all partners funded under the programme. The programme values are based on the additional commitments to Northern Ireland Ministerial Pledge of Office that were made under the Fresh Start Agreement. These are to:

  1. Work collectively to achieve a society free of paramilitarism.
  2. Support the rule of law unequivocally in work and deed and support all efforts to uphold it.
  3. Challenge all paramilitary activity and associated criminality.
  4. Call for, and work together to achieve, the disbandment of all paramilitary organisations and their structures.
  5. Challenge paramilitary attempts to control communities.
  6. Support those who are determined to make the transition away from paramilitarism.

Funding provided on behalf of the programme must be used by recipients in a manner that is consistent with and uploads these values.

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